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More Information on Classical Garden Obelisk. Toad Hall Garden Centre continues to develop and flourish specialising in providing the best plants. Garden Pride 0. Check out our iron garden obelisk selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our garden decoration shops. This design, and the sizes of the individual wood members interpret the garden obelisk on a personal and clearly human scale.

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Harrod Horticultural dazzle at Chelsea Flower Show

I wonder! There are, too, literally hundreds of websites giving ideas and advice as well as blogs from people all over the world requesting and offering advice on the subject. From simple timber frames to more elaborate and decorative constructions, and my favourite, a combination of old, weathered silvery beach groynes and old bricks — they all provide a means of growing that makes for successful gardening. They are absolutely ideal for growing just about anything you want because the joy of them is that you can fill them with whatever soil you need for whatever you want to grow.

If you have a high water table, raised beds will provide a free-draining planting bed above the level of the water table. With beds built in this situation, you would need to provide holes in the base of the bed above ground level to allow any excess water to drain off.

As far as siting your raised bed is concerned, choose the sunniest site you can find if you are growing crops. To realise the maximum daily sunlight, have your beds going north to south and make them no more than four feet wide so that you can reach the whole bed easily. Rather than have a long run of beds, have a series of shorter ones. Height is up to you but, of course, the higher you have the beds, the less bending you have to do.

Crops like carrots and parsnips will certainly need good depth and ten inches or so is ideal for them. And use a strip of copper round the top of the beds to deter slugs and snails from trekking upwards intent on munching through your crops.

The only disadvantage with this sort of gardening is that the beds can dry out pretty quickly in a dry spell and anything you have in them, particularly salad crops, can run to seed. However, you can have absolute control over your soil texture and its ingredients if, when you first fill your beds, you fill the bottom with good drainage materials such as grit and also incorporate a good well-rotted manure into your top soil to aid moisture retention.

If you have taken up turf to build the beds, invert the turves and use them on the bottom of the beds to provide a good source of organic material. Avoid using soil that has had vegetables growing in it in a previous life and add good mulch each winter.

The worms will do the rest. A distinct advantage. Add a fistful of bone meal to the surface before planting and then off you go. The beds have the added advantage of heating up earlier in the season and lengthening your growing period. You can do that from the path between the beds. Keep these wide enough for a barrow if possible and cover them with a weed smother membrane such as Mypex, gravel, woodchips or brick.

Scaffolding planks or gravel boards make good frames as do new or old railway sleepers. Sleepers are good but obviously very heavy and more difficult to handle. However, you can get them cut to size before they are delivered and holes drilled for the metal rods used to keep the corners together. There are sleepers from all over the world available now.

I think the pale French oak ones are lovely but it depends on personal taste. I liked the idea of decorative posts in each corner of the beds that I saw in a stunning Pluckley garden recently. Sue Whigham explores a need for speed A Changing Climate Jennifer Stuart-Smith takes a look at how gardeners are having to adapt to extreme weather conditions. She always has the upper hand. So, rather than railing Skip to content Raising the Stakes.

Instant Climbers Sue Whigham explores a need for speed This site uses cookies: Find out more. Okay, thank you.

Buy Harrod Edging Hoops Online - Other Garden Equipment & Decoration

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Above: A Peak Roof Decorative Steel Fruit Cage is £ from Harrod Horticultural. If you want to go bespoke, the sky is the limit with these.

Harrod Single Zip Net Access Strip

Picture: Harrod Horticultural - Credit: Archant. Harrod Horticultural gained their first five star tradestand award at the Chelsea Flower Show earlier this month. The garden supplies company, based on the South Lowestoft industrial estate, debuted its brand new and contemporary modern pergola system at the show. The display also included laser cut aluminium decorative screens, metal arches, and metal raised beds. A lot of hard work by a great team definitely paid off this year. This newspaper has been a central part of community life for many years. Our industry faces testing times, which is why we're asking for your support. Every contribution will help us continue to produce local journalism that makes a measurable difference to our community.

Hardscaping 101: Fruit Cages

You can grow your own greens, domesticate herbs and flowers for fragrances and infusions, choose your own fruit and nuts and make your own jams and preserves. Bird netting is among the best and long lasting methods of fowl proofing buildings and other buildings towards all city fowl species. It provides a discreet and impenetrable barrier that protects premises with out harming the birds. If you require knotless or knotted chook deterrent netting for some other part of your own home such as solar panels, we can help you with that too.

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Steel Raised Beds Grey

So a fruit cage is a must if you want to grow soft fruits on any kind of scale. Read on:. But they can be about more than just protecting your fruit. Designer Whyte has just installed square steel fruit cages into a walled garden project in Suffolk, England; he asked local firm Harrod Horticultural to powder coat them in a dark gray to soften the effect. Some designers produce fabulous wooden cages for projects, including bespoke oak versions with stunning peak roofs with carved pineapple finials and decorative lead flashing.

10% Harrod Horticultural Discount – Save today!

Bendable garden stakes. It was started in by E. The general rule of thumb for selecting the right stake is making sure the stake is more than twice the profile height as a minimum. The coating has knurls spurs to help prevent slippage of bindings used to hold plants upright. Edge a garden or create a border around a tree with these charming picket fence border stakes. Made in USA. Gardener's Blue Ribbon. What could you "repurpose" them for?

HARROD HORTICULTURAL has an enviable reputation for garden product Along with our consultancy, planning and made to measure.

Made to Measure Landing

As COP26 prepares to get underway, many will be asking about the part they can play in not only reducing carbon emissions but helping to mitigate the everyday impact of climate change, from pollinator decline and flooding to rising temperatures. In doing so you may even get a discount from your water company and save on mainswater costs next summer. By swapping hard paving for permeable, rain can also return back to the earth and filling beds with evergreens such as conifers and eucalyptus can help slow the flow during heavy spells, providing the soil with enough time for absorption and minimising run-off and flooding.

How to build a raised bed

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Our unique vegetable box and square planters can make good use of space in compact gardens or provide neat divisions in larger plots. Specimen Plants Ltd. Rectangular planter ireland. Your planter is made from pressure-treated wood with natural timber finish to protect against rot and look at its best.

With summer days ahead of us, we can start thinking of relaxed moments in the garden and convivial gatherings with family and friends.

Bjorn woodworks pergola

Or, how do I save money in the garden? Gaby Hinsliff got me thinking about the costs and benefits of growing your own in this post on her blog Used To be Somebody. She been trying to grow some fruit and veg - lettuce, blueberries and the like - to save money and to show her son "that vegetables don't all come shrinkwrapped in plastic". She concludes that "apart from the salads and herbs, everything would have been cheaper at Waitrose". It really gets my goat when people - be they celeb gardeners, gardening hacks or whoever - make glib statements about GYO being a great way to grow cheap veg. The fact is, as Gaby points out, you're likely to be spending more than you save, particularly in the first few years as you invest in tools etc. Having just spent a considerable to me, anyway amount of money on transforming the rear end of my garden, this has also made me realise that I'm not going to recoup my outlay in what I save on tomatoes and lettuces.

Rectangular Planter Ireland

If you are looking for a higher end vinyl pergola kit, then the Tuscany pergolas are the. As far as its resilience goes, this gazebo can handle a whopping pound snow capacity. Highland Dunes Ripon 10 Ft.

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