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Not so long ago, the violet only gained fame, and immediately became a favorite among flower growers. Now this small, cute and delicate flower is often grown at home. Today, this plant can be found in almost any home or living space. The violet appeared in the middle of the 19th century in South America. From itself it is a stunted, long-term plant. Oddly enough, people associate many signs with this plant, some of which will be discussed today.

Violet Information

The violet itself has more than 12 varieties of a blooming flower. Due to its small size, the violet is especially liked by experienced flower growers. Terry and semi-double inflorescences in violets are different. They can be either monochromatic or multi-colored. Leaves of medium size, elongated and eaten with a rosette into the root system. Before purchasing a plant that will later delight your eyes and give multi-colored inflorescences, several factors should be taken into account:

  • Saintpaulia leaves should be green without any spots on them. Even the smallest specks on the leaves of a violet can indicate that the plant has diseases.
  • Before buying, find out the type of plant. This will make it easier for you to take care of him further.
  • When buying, give preference to those specimens that have already blossomed inflorescences.

4 myths about growing violets at home

A sign is a kind of judgment that appeared thanks to many years of human observation. People are used to believing in omens and, thanks to them, predicting upcoming events. Like many other plants, the violet also has several signs that their owners often listen to:

  • A lush blooming violet will help maintain stability in a relationship and prevent quarrels and disagreements.
  • A violet standing on the windowsill in the room in which the child sleeps will help strengthen his immunity.
  • Another sign claims that the violet attracts money and provides its owners with financial independence.
  • Saintpaulia removes all ants that are bred indoors. But this is more likely not a sign, but a property of a plant.

Also, beliefs apply specifically to the color of Saintpaulia inflorescences.

Signs associated with the color of violet flowers

White inflorescences

White Saintpaulias will be appropriate in any room, but according to legend, it is said that they will be as good as possible in a house where there are children, since a white violet carries a symbol of purity and innocence. They will help to attract order and cleanliness into the house, charge households with light energy and drive away negative thoughts from them. White violets will help to calm down a person who is overexcited, on the verge of a nervous breakdown, or wants to throw out his emotions just about. White violet helps to improve and strengthen the nervous system, preventing nervous breakdowns and host aggression. The white violet will help to endure the unrequited love and suffering caused on this basis. By purchasing this plant variety, you can forget about negative emotions, experiences and any stress for a long time. It will also bring peace and tranquility to your household.

Red and pink inflorescences

Red violets will help clear thoughts of instinctive and carnal desires. Red violets are very good at purifying energy in a living room. Pink Saintpaulia will help increase immunity and reduce the risk of diseases in your household. This plant will also help those people who are overly addicted to food. Bad moods and bad thoughts will no longer haunt the owner of this plant type. The flower has a positive effect on parasites and simply lazy people, giving them an incentive to work and do something useful.

If you have long wanted to lose weight, but your excessive love for food does not allow you to fulfill this dream, get yourself a violet with a red inflorescence. Loafers will no longer waste their lives, they will become more productive and useful.

Purple inflorescences

Not only does the purple violet decorate the room and generally looks aesthetically pleasing, it also has many positive signs. It will absorb all the negative energy that is present in the room. Ultimately, the purple violet will radiate positive energy. She helps to smooth out all quarrels, misunderstandings and disagreements in the society of the owners. Having such a violet, the atmosphere in the house will improve, and comfort and mutual understanding will reign in the family. This violet will bring more wisdom and prudence to a person. After that, a person will look at conflicts and problems in a different way - he will understand that there is a more humane way out of this. This violet will spiritually enrich its owners. The flower will help egoists learn to love others, have compassion and understanding.

Blue inflorescences

This type of violet works well for creative people. By itself, it has a beautiful, calming look that will appeal to any person. She cleans the room of negative thoughts, fills with a creative atmosphere. People who experience constant sadness, passivity and unwillingness to live should immediately get this particular type of violet. The blue violet will definitely give bright and positive emotions, the desire to create and create. It is recommended for creative people who are experiencing a creative crisis and need a boost of energy. But be prepared for too much creative energy in your home. If you decide to master something new for yourself - for example, playing a musical instrument, drawing, singing and suddenly you do not have enough motivation - a blue violet will help you. It is also recommended to have at least one plant of this type in kindergartens, music schools, palaces of culture.

Negative omens

It is customary to call the violet "muzhegon", since there is a sign that unmarried girls who breed violets will not be able to get married for a long time. This omen has already been refuted a hundred times, but still it still exists. Listen to her, or vice versa - it's up to you to choose.

Many argue that Saintpaulia is an energy vampire. This is argued by the fact that during the day, the violet, like other plants, releases oxygen. But with the onset of darkness, it spreads carbon dioxide. He, as everyone knows, has a detrimental effect on human health and directly on a person, causing him to have a constant desire to sleep and fatigue. You do not need to plant these flowers in the room in which you sleep. But if you still decide on this - 2 plants is the maximum allowable amount that can be bred in your bedroom.

Astrology and violets

Violet combines two elements - the Moon and Taurus. Taurus is a symbol of calmness, poise and patience. Violet has a calming effect on a person. The moon attracts warmth and a favorable atmosphere into the house. The planet Venus, which is present in all types of violets, will add comfort and warmth to the house. The combination of the Moon and Venus will help reduce the risk of diseases, strengthen the human immune system. Flowers inherent in the sign of Taurus can be planted at home, because they are a symbol of a long and rich life. Violets will help a person to gain intelligence, endurance, prudence.

Planting violets in the house is a good idea, because the owners of these plants will always be protected from negative emotions, evil eyes and envy.


Violet flower of loneliness is it true

Violets today are in the collection of almost every grower. In favor of these flowers speaks their unpretentiousness, miniature size, abundant long flowering. Having got one violet in the house, people, as a rule, do not stop and acquire new varieties, especially since there are plenty to choose from. Saintpaulias have a very wide range of colors, flowers are simple, double and semi-double. Many different signs and superstitions are associated with them, and we'll talk about this.

Lemon Tree

The positive energy radiated from the lemon tree will give the home peace and will become the key to peace in the family. She will protect children from the negativity of envious people and the intrusion of the third superfluous into the relationship.

If you put citrus in the kitchen or living room, loved ones will never suffer from poor appetite. In a nursery, a lemon will contribute to the appearance of curiosity and an increase in the craving for knowledge, an increase in activity and an increase in independence in the baby.

Citrus has a powerful energy during flowering and fruit appearance. At this time, he especially protects housing from the effects of negative factors.

Violets and related beliefs and folk signs

When growing violets at home, it is believed that these plants strengthen the material condition of the inhabitants and their health.

Violets are credited with the ability to drive ants out of their homes. They also create a field of luck in the house and calm unbalanced people. If the violet dies, it is believed that she took on the owner's illness. And if someone from the household is sick, then the violet also withers, sharing the torment of the person.

Such signs make caring for a plant that has settled in the house responsible, since a blooming violet will be an indicator of a healthy family.

The color of the inflorescences also matters:

  • purple flowers are an indicator of love and understanding
  • blue flowers thrive in a creative atmosphere
  • reds warn against excessive commercialism
  • white color brings harmony, removes negativity and suffering
  • a pink flower on the window of a lonely person calls for a couple.

A delicate flower requires a caring attitude towards itself, not only to poke a finger into the ground, but to stop, talk, lovingly touch the leaf. The unloved flower will wither and die from the absence of a simple morning greeting. You can rid the flower of negative energy by turning the planter from time to time with the other side to the light.

Home flowers: signs and superstitions

Don't rush to take out your favorite houseplants in the trash just because someone told you about bad omens associated with house flowers.

To believe or not to believe all the "flower" superstitions is a private matter for everyone. Just think about the fact that before someone told you about the "harmful nature" of your green favorites, they delighted you in your home. That they grow in apartments and offices in many countries, bringing people joy and good mood.

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Is it possible to keep violets at home: signs

Some plants attract good luck and success, while others carry negative energy. Violets are a favorite flower of many of us, but some folk omens do not recommend keeping this flower in our home.

Violets are beautiful and unpretentious flowers, so many people are happy to grow them in their homes. However, our ancestors often attributed negative properties to the flower, believing that it can destroy happiness and scare off good luck.

At the same time, some signs say that this flower is only beneficial and helps to improve the quality of life. Dailyhoro site experts.

ru recommend that you learn about the most important folk signs associated with violets, which will help you protect yourself and your loved ones from trouble and deal with who the violet in the house will attract success and who can harm.

Foto: Shutterstock

First of all, folk signs do not recommend keeping this flower in houses where an unmarried woman lives.

Since ancient times, violets were considered muzhegon, so if a lonely lady grows these flowers in her house, then she may not get married soon.

However, other popular wisdom refutes this omen, arguing that a flower can become a powerful talisman for attracting love. But for this you need to take good care of him.

Many attribute vampiric properties to this flower. It is believed that in a house where there are violets, household members may notice a deterioration in well-being, weakness, and a decline in vitality. It is not recommended to keep the flower in the bedroom, otherwise the person will suffer from insomnia.

In many ways, the properties of a flower depend on the care of it. If a person devotes more time to this house plant, then it will be grateful to its owner and attract good luck. And if you brought a flower just to decorate your home, but at the same time often neglect it, he may be offended. In this case, he will attract troubles, illnesses and troubles.

According to one of the signs, violets attract money and wealth. To enhance the energy of the flower, it is necessary to bury one coin in the ground. If you believe popular wisdom, then soon the flower will attract wealth and help improve the financial situation.

Foto: Shutterstock

  • In many ways, the energy of a plant depends on the color of its flower.
  • For example, violet with white flowers will help to find harmony and get rid of negative thoughts, emotional experiences, as well as from unrequited feelings.

Red and pink violets help to get rid of addictions such as gluttony and waste. This violet variety is believed to reduce appetite, aversion to junk food, and accelerate weight loss. People who don't know how to save money and often make useless purchases buy red violets to fight their passion for waste.

Violets with blue flowers help develop new talents and seek inspiration. This type of flowers is especially useful for creative people, as flowers help to fight the crisis and speed up the search for new ideas.

Also, blue violets help cleanse the house of negative energy. Therefore, if recently you have encountered difficulties, are going through a difficult period, often quarrel with loved ones or are in need of money, then this type of flower will help you get rid of the accumulated problems.

Why you can't keep violets at home: objective reasons and superstitions

Violets are popular houseplants and can be found in many homes. But it is believed that violets can harm their owners, both in terms of health and in relations with other people.

The effect of violets on health

Like many other indoor plants, violets can have a negative impact on your health. The fact is that this plant emits oxygen only during daylight hours.

At night, not only does it stop this process, but also absorbs oxygen from the air, emitting carbon dioxide instead, which can provoke symptoms such as headache, weakness and discomfort in the muscles upon waking.

Fortunately, this problem can be easily solved without denying yourself the pleasure of planting these beautiful flowers - you just need to place the pots with them in “non-sleeping” rooms, for example, in the kitchen or in the living room, and arrange small airings in the morning.

To avoid the appearance of discomfort after sleep, violets are recommended to be placed on the windowsill of the living room or kitchen

Superstitions and omens associated with violets

Several beliefs are associated with the negative impact of the violet on human life. So, according to one of them, the owners of these plants are doomed to loneliness.

Experts say that the violet has a strong feminine energy, so a man in a house with a large number of these flowers will feel depressed and will not stay in it for a long time. This rule works the other way around: in the house of a violet lover, a woman will feel superfluous and will soon leave.

If you are single and want to have a violet, then ask your married friend to give it to you - this will help neutralize the negative impact of the flower on the atmosphere in your home.

It is believed that a violet in the house is a sign of loneliness.

Also, people who are prone to depressive and depressed mood should refuse to grow violets.

It is believed that violets are melancholy and capable of absorbing the remnants of vitality, since they were allegedly planted on graves earlier to help souls find peace.

But there is no official confirmation of this, and the owners of violets, especially of different varieties and colors, say that their green favorites bring them only positive emotions.

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As you can see, violets can affect your well-being, but this problem can be easily solved, if, of course, you have a free window sill. And whether to believe in omens and beliefs is up to you. But there is no doubt that your violets will surely repay you for the love and care.

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